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The Virtual Assistant CRM

The CRM your reps will actually use
The sales reports YOU need
The sales growth EVERYONE wants

Do your sales reps hate using their CRM?

It’s ok. Most do. There are 3 reasons why:


The sales rep’s brain is wired to talk… NOT type. That’s why they’re in sales, NOT at a desk.

Time is Money

Studies show it takes 1.5 hours per day to manually enter CRM data. Given the choice, reps would rather sell.


They want to know “What’s In It For Me?” and how it’ll simplify their life and make them more money.

Luckily, there’s a solution

There’s a way to get the data you need, improve sales productivity, and increase sales.

You can…

Leverage biology

You can leverage their natural inclination to TALK and not TYPE.

Give them more time

You can give them a way to update their CRM in 47 seconds

Be the hero

You can give them a proven method to generate more sales with less effort

Key Features

Virtual assistant
Contact management
Lead management
Project management
Opportunity management
Territory management
Reports & dashboards
Sales analytics
Sales forecasting
Detailed activity reports
Mobile CRM
Stored in the cloud
You own the data
Role-based rules
ERP integration
Expense tracking
Route planning
Calendar sync
Call note transcription