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Welcome to the Spam-free Texting Software That Saves You Time and Makes You Money

Enterprise Patented Personalized SMS and MMS Software

How are we different?

Other texting companies focused on blasting out messages where everyone receives the same message.
We found a better way…


So you have data on your customers, now what? Our patented text messaging marketing software allows you to make your texts so personalized no one will ever know it was a group text.

Group Texting

Tired of having to select each contact one at a time from your cell phone and being limited to 40 contacts for a group text? Break free from the status quo and add horsepower to your texting with our automated text message software.

Spam-free Texting

Mass texts are obvious. Do you only respond to personal texts and delete/ignore mass texts? So do your contacts.

Enterprise Marketing Automation Software

Have a sales team but want control? Manage your sub-accounts from a master account for maximum control and compliance with our innovative text messaging software for business.

Automate Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays

Isn’t it nice when someone you know texts you a personal birthday or holiday message? Elevate your social status with meaningful texts to your clients, family, and friends.

Bi-Directional From Local Numbers

Ubiquitous Access

Geo Location

TCPA Compliance