The Fish Tank


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An all-in-one sales, CRM, and small business management tool that you’ll actually use.

It’s designed to help you confidently understand your business quicker and easier. It’s like having sales, marketing, project management, and administrative help all at once. The real-time reports show you exactly what you are doing well and where improvements need to be made in your sales process.

Manage it all from just one page.

We want to simplify how you manage your business and reduce how much time you spend doing it, so we created a single page in The Fish Tank called the Project Log, that houses almost everything you need to log and update essential client and project information.

Invite colleagues to join the project

Give them the appropriate privacy clearance
Keep team accountable to project and deadline

Set new activities

By date and by function
Share log entries with who you want
Automatically updates activity log

Easily update business intelligence

Sales Pipeline
Cash Flow at-a-Glance
Product and Services bought
Project Management

Never forget your last move

View historical conversations and activities
Automatic date stamp for log entries
Upload images for easy reference