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All your traffic sources. All your offers. One dashboard.

We focus on campaign management so you can focus on competition, strategy and scale. As a ThriveTracker User, you can kiss excel spreadsheets goodbye and tell those overpriced trackers to get lost.
Our tracking platform has all the tools you need to compare your spend to what you’ve earned in real time.

Product Features
We think our product is hands-down the best on the market and our team of agile developers is constantly rolling out new releases.

AI Optimization
Split test your landing pages and offers, get results in real time, and increase your campaign efficiency. Select the time period and calculation method that works best for you and let our algorithm optimize for you based on performance, helping to increase your profits. Use our AI timeline charts to review prior algorithm decisions.

Bot Filter
Redirect traffic where you want it. Redirect based on geo, browser, OS, and much more. Filter out known bots, known bot hosts/ISPs and any other unwanted traffic. Send them to a redirect page or another campaign. Our geo-redirect/bot filter lets you keep that data separate so you can still analyze and manage it.

Fastest Redirects
Globally distributed AWS infrastructure and cutting edge technology ensures your traffic gets where it’s supposed to go – fast. We know how to support desktop AND mobile traffic – stop losing clicks you paid for with slower trackers.

When you’ve found the perfect traffic source and the hottest offer, your tracker should be the last thing on your mind. With ThriveTracker’s remarkable cloud-based solution, your instance scales as you scale.

Control Your Domains
Your domain reputation directly impacts ROI. Don’t let a “grouped” domain impact Your ROI. With ThriveTracker, all Your traffic will route through Your own – custom – domain.

World-Class Support
The ThriveTracker team is here for you. We’re committed to supporting your business and constantly improving our solutions. Lookout for consistent releases and integrations.

LP Pixel
Place our click tracking pixel on your landing page and run traffic directly to your page from your traffic source. ThriveTracker tracks everything without a redirect and still allows you to split test offers.

Funnel Support
Setup multiple landing page and offer split-tests. Track unlimited pages in a funnel using Branches. Attribute upsell conversions to the correct offer. Swap offers without editing landing page code.

Multi-User Access