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Digital marketing solutions spanning identity, audiences and insights delivered with speed, ease and transparency
Identity Resolution and Expansion

Resolve to a persistent ID and improve identity depth and coverage through TransUnion’s foundation of identity

Attribute and Profile Data

Access the data, attributes and segments you need to expand your audience footprint and specific knowledge of consumers


Deploy pre-built segments or apply advanced algorithms to develop custom audiences and lookalikes and generate insights reports for better targeting and optimization

Omnichannel Distribution

Deliver audiences to more than 500 connection points for activation that’s omnichannel by design

People-Based Platform

Activate first and third-party datasets and an accurate ID graph for comprehensive insights, flexible audience building, and machine learning algorithms that drive better targeting, monetization and media optimization

Flexible Management

Leverage the platform via an easy-to-use UI, flexible APIs or a managed account to control how audiences are created and data for marketing is used