userTrack is a self-hosted analytics platform
The easiest way to understand what userTrack can do is to view the live demo:
userTrack feature development

userTrack has been developed and improved for over 8 years.
New features and improvements are regularly being added based on your feedback. You can view the latest changes here.
Do you want a specific feature implemented? Contact me using the chat widget and it will be considered for the next update!

User segments
Session recording/playback
Click heatmaps
Mouse movement heatmaps
Scroll heatmaps
Heatmaps can be generated for a specific user segment.
Visitors list containing:
IP address
Browser version
Screen size
Date of visit
Visit duration
Number of pages visited
Visited pages path
Custom user tags and auto-tagging
Bounce rate
Session length
Top referrers
Top pages
Top countries
A/B testing (NEW!):
UI to create A/B tests
Easily create multiple variations
Visitors are automatically tagged with the version they saw
Segment data only for users that saw a specific version
Realtime visitors count number
Live playback of users currently browsing the site
Track multiple domains in one dashboard
Multi-user: add userTrack users that have access only to specific domains.
Resource usage:
Low database usage ~1MB / 100 recordings.
Very optimized tracking, doesn’t slow down your website.
Small included tracking script size 5KB compressed.