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to reduce your incoming call volumeto save you timeto convert your web traffic into retarget your avoid unnecessary improve your carbon make your business more sell your products and services 24/ improve your improve your increase your sales improve your conversion retain your accelerate your digital scale your team increase your marketing expenses digitize your shorten your sales cycle improve your brand better understand your customers’ automate your sales develop your customer relationships remotely.

Xeno is a messaging app designed to help you attract, convert, and keep customers through the power of live response.

Your new online
customer service tool
Reconnect your team members and your customers
through Xeno. Whatever the language. Whatever the channel.

A Real-Time App for Conversational Sales
As Xeno pioneers the way for real-time technology, we introduce to the world the concept of ‘Live Conversational Sales’. We are convinced that by 2020, the Xeno Live Conversational Sales app will have displaced many activities around conventional Marketing, Sales, Support and Feedback Collection.

The Old Way
Dispersed Customer Communication
Leads and Customers

Unified Customer Communication
Leads and Customers

Yeah. OK. But what is Xeno?
It all comes down to attracting new leads, turning your leads into customers, keeping your customers satisfied, and holding your feedback loop tight—and to be able to achieve all this without any fuss or troubleshooting.

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One shared team inbox
Bring all of your leads, customers, partners, and team members together in one collaborative customer oriented workspace.

Unifying all customer channels
We consolidate all of your external communication channels (email addresses, chat interfaces, Facebook, Twitter, iOS, Android, SMS, etc.).

Supported by a smart bot
Xeno comes with a 24/7 Smart Assistant Bot to help automate Marketing, Sales, and Support tasks, saving you time and money.

See for yourself what makes Xeno unique

Xeno is designed for all devices: desktop, tablets, and smartphones, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Clean design
User interface and experience (UI/UX) are key to us. Xeno is a simple yet powerful tool.

Save your team from the tedious task of manual data entry. Chats feed Xeno with data points automatically.

A single product
Combine dozens of solutions into a single product that serves all your customers’ needs. Xeno.

Xeno is designed to have instantaneous ease of use. Suited for teams between 2 and 500 members.

Continuous improvement
Xeno never stops getting better. We’re constantly upgrading and adding new features.

Fully-integrated tool
Connect Xeno to the tools you use every day, in just a few clicks. We offer dedicated integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Clearbit, among others

24/7 support
Xeno employs a world-class support team: available 24/7, with an average response time < 3 seconds!