Zeta Global


Never miss a growth opportunity
Zeta Global is a data-powered marketing technology company that combines the third largest data set (2.4B+ identities) with results-driven AI to unlock consumer intent, personalize experiences, and drive customer acquisition, retention and growth.

Power Customer Growth
The flexibility of a sophisticated Marketing Cloud, with the scale and accuracy of data within the Walled Gardens.

Your customers’ expectations are always changing.
The Zeta Marketing Platform leverages industry-leading Artificial Intelligence to understand customer intent, leveraging more than 2.4 billion identities to create more personalized experiences that meet each customer’s expectations ultimately driving better outcomes.
Data Cloud
More unique data to find your next best opportunity: Infuse your marketing plan with a continuous view of 2.4B+ consumers, their demographics, location, behavioral and transactional signals to find their most monetizable touchpoints.

Identity Management
Identity Resolution (IDR) connects every consumer touchpoint for a real-time view that enables omnichannel personalization with accuracy, flexibility, and scale.

Customer Data Management

Omnichannel Orchestration and Engagement
Our AI predicts and personalizes the experiences that will resonate most with consumers across all channels, including:

Enterprise volume, advanced sequencing, and continuous optimization define our best-in-class Email abilities.


Site Personalization


Understand what to do next
Our platform ingests live consumer behavior, performance and attributes across all channels, allowing you to attribute lift and improve performance across the customer lifecycle.hindsightlink

Omnichannel Attribution
Deterministic attribution of performance across all touchpoints informs new opportunities and engagement strategies.

Live Reporting and Visualization