Executive Assistant


I am Zzrrri Ugbby, have been working as VA since 2013. I used to work with various tasks including LinkedIn lead generation, data entry, excel/google spreadsheet task, web scraping, data mining internet research and other VA tasks. Also, I am a certified ExcelAs the headline says – I write email copy that generate leads and sales.

So if you’re selling to other businesses and need QUALIFIED sales meetings booked on your calendar…

Or selling directly to ‘consumers’ and have a decent-sized list that you want to get more sales from…

Provided you have a PROVEN, life-changing product/service…

I might be able to help ya out. 🙂

Unlike other folks who only focus on creating ‘pretty’ copy…

I get to the heart of what your audience is REALLY buying, then write simple 5th-grade emails that get them to raise their hands.

And oh, I work performance-based.CERTIFICATIONS

SEMrush On-Page and Technical SEO
September 2020 – September 2021
Credential ID #cd3be6975f6ee36

SEMrush Site Audit Technical SEO
September 2020 – September 2021
Credential ID #9aa99c1d9564d66


1. Marketing- Specialization in Digital Marketing- Creation of marketing plan, marketing campaigns and strategies, marketing and sales funnel tailored to every client.- Managing SEO issues through various tools, research competitive keywords that would drive traffic to websites and other online platforms.- Managing and maintaining social media accounts, scheduling of posts through various tools – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.- Modifying, Scheduling, and Sending out email marketing campaigns/newsletters- Building reports from various marketing campaigns through analytics and measuring metrics of success, and achieving marketing goals.- Analyzing and researching competitors in various ways and tools.- Handling multiple marketing projects at the same time.- Research on current trends and audience preferences- Communicate with followers with timely responses.- Content Management – research and creation of blog posts topics and titles- Lead Generation- Website modification/resource addition- Proofreading- Loading of contents and resources to websites- Harvesting of assets for case studies and resources (i.e. customer images, videos, whitepapers, etc.)- Updating of accounts’ profile picture, cover, and/or layout- Basic editing of photos and videos through various tools like Canva, Filmora, SonyVegas Pro, etc.
2. Executive / Personal Assistance.- Email and Calendar Management (for client’s business and personal)- Keep track of client’s ongoing and upcoming projects- Remind the client of what has to be done- Communicating with client’s clients and/or other VA- Scheduling and planning meetings and/or events- Travel booking / Itinerary making- Purchasing items for business and personal purposes- Organizing client’s inboxes, cloud or drive, and files- Help the client to send and respond to important emails/texts/calls- Do client’s research work for business and personal related topics
3. Administrative Assistance- Contact of inbound business partners- Contact of in-department to other departments- Assist in monitoring and documenting files- Do client’s research work for business and personal related topics- Compose and send business emails- Organize and store the client’s cloud or drive and files- Update role handbooks and other procedure notes for filing- Keep and fill out legal documents of the company- Keep track of records and data- Help the company and other VAs meet SOPs- Ensure the company’s legal documents are up to date
4. E-Commerce Business / Amazon FBA Selling- Source products and suppliers (within and outside the USA)- Communicate with suppliers/manufacturers and courier- Checking of profitable products from suppliers- Ordering products from the supplier- Listing products on e-commerce platforms- Basic editing of photos for the listing- Inventory Management- Re-pricing of products based on competitive market prices- Submitting of shipments- Resolving of shipment issues- Keep track of products that are damaged/lost/refunds- Do reimbursement reports
5. Project Management- Initiate, plan and execute the project- Take charge to oversee the whole operations and the team- Monitoring and controlling the project- Decision maker of the team- Responsible for the overall project- Responsible for the presentation of the outcome of the proposed project


Adobe PDF
Amazon Seller Central
Microsoft Teams
MS Excel
MS OneNote
MS Outlook
MS Word
Project Broadcast
Filmora 9
G Suite
Helium 10
Sony Vegas Pro
Jungle Scout
Tactical Arbitrage
Viral Launch
Lcdxq Veqvs
Lumen 5


I started being a VA last January 2017. Currently, I am looking for a long-term
job that can accommodate my services and skills.

Before I became a VA, I worked in a bank as a marketing assistant then months later, I shifted my career to being a restaurant spvdekq. Gbom my past experiences, I learned so many things that honed my skills. Being a marketing assistant in a
bank, I learned how to do a lot of administrative work and to communicate well
to clients and branch personnel.

Then I shifted my career as a manager in a casual dining restaurant. I was trained on how to handle fast-paced operations. Alongside handling the operations of the kitchen and customer service, I was also trained in different corners of the business like marketing, handling manpower and recruitment, purchasing, and auditing. I believe being a manager holds a big responsibility that’s why I know how to be responsible and very oriented in detail. Working as a manager for 2 years really sharpened my skills in managing things.

In 2017, I became a virtual assistant for an e-commerce business. There, I gained
knowledge on how to run an Amazon FBA business. I learned new things and tools to use. I am also now an Executive Assistant to a company’s CEO. I improved my skills in assisting businesses and in administrative work. Working as a VA for more than 4 years, I gained knowledge of different kinds of things – Marketing, Personal assistance, and Project Management. Since then, I am still nurturing my skills and want to learn fjfy. Fn became my passion to help people with their businesses and to make their lives easier.

So if that’s right up your alley?

Feel free to slide in my DMs.

Talk soon. 🙂 Specialist.