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Click Meter – Get the most from your Links
Monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place to increase the conversion rate
Target visitors where they yield best conversion rates

Track views, clicks and conversions

Monitor broken links, click fraud, latency and blacklists

Share with clients, partners, and coworkers

Create a Tracking Link in Seconds
1. Create a tracking link

2. Use it in your ads

3. Watch realtime reports

LOVED by over 100,000 Big and Small Businesses

Amazing Tool for Affiliates
Manage and track all your links and commissions in one place!
Link tracking for affiliates
Boost sales and commissions!
Create an account in 5 seconds
So Simple
5 minutes setup, no code to write or include, user manual not necessary.

Cloak Affiliate Links
Hide destination URL, protect your commission codes and keyword lists.

Sales conversion tracking
Cookies, Conversion pixels, Postback urls, TIDs, Server to server tracking.

Vanity Links
Short your links and customize them with your domain names.

Reliable and Accurate
99.99% uptime with public stats.
Hosted on Amazon AWS servers.

Loved by Search Engines
301 redirects don’t dilute PageRank. Vanity links increase your SEO.

Real Visitors, Not Robots
Recognize clicks coming from single visitors or spiders, detect multiple clicks.

Realtime reports
You need to act now not tomorrow.
Get reports and be alerted in seconds.

Split test optimizer
A/B test with multiple destination URLs.
Find out what is the best message.