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A type of artificial intelligence that involves the use of multiple machines to learn and process information. Cluster AI is often used in large organizations where there is a need to process large amounts of data quickly and accurately. This type of AI is also used in research applications where professors and students need to be able to share and process information quickly.

Rank Consistently With Automated Keyword Research

Use information from Google SERPs to help you choose keywords more wisely. Avoid making costly errors. 90% lessen the time spent on keyword research.

  • Rank Consistently: Manual keyword research will frequently lead you astray. Use data to inform your plan. Not a gut instinct. Just speculating. Not beliefs. Data alone
  • Stop Wasting Time: Finish three years’ worth of keyword research in just a few minutes. Not weeks or days. Minutes.
  • Delegate Keyword Research: Team members with less experience can complete high-quality keyword research without making critical mistakes.
  • Become Laser-Focused: You can outsource a keyword research to concentrate on other crucial SEO tasks.

How do ClusterAi Groups Keywords Work:

1. Build your Keyword List

Use your preferred SEO tool to conduct keyword research. ClusterAi supports Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and Google Search Console keyword lists.

2. Import your Keyword List

25,000 keywords can be imported into ClusterAi. We recommend breaking your list into manageable chunks of 25,000 keywords if you have more than that.

3. Crawl Search Engines

By crawling and extracting the top 10 websites for each phrase, ClusterAi uses search engine information to make keyword recommendations.

4. Compare Keywords

ClusterAi examines the number of sites that rank for both groups of keywords by matching every keyword against every other.

5. Cluster Keywords

It’s conceivable that you can rank for a group of keywords with just one page if ClusterAi identifies three or more pages that do so.

6. You’re Done

Export your clusters of keywords and watch your website traffic grow. You can also monitor your SERP rankings to ensure that you’re on the depending on the length of your list; you’ll soon get an email including a link to your finished keyword study.

Why do you need Cluster Ai?

  • Ambitious SEO: You’ll need a more clever way to convert those hundreds of thousands of keywords into original content topics if your audience uses Google in a very diverse way and you publish a lot of content.
  • Senior SEO: Spend that time elsewhere and finally focus on the areas you’ve always wanted to develop but haven’t had the chance to, rather than devoting 30% of your time to keyword research.
  • Junior SEO: You could probably use a little extra study time and a reliable keyword research method as you near senior status. You may get both from ClusterAi.
  • SEO Agency: You won’t be able to scale your agency if the greatest SEO you have working for you is preoccupied with manual keyword research. By assigning this task to less skilled team members, you can save paying for hundreds of hours of manual keyword research.
  • Content Marketer: Imagine being able to scale your brilliant content and line it with what people are genuinely looking for. Drive qualified visitors naturally while saving much money compared to costly advertising.

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Here’s Why ClusterAi Beats Your Manual Keyword Research
Manual keyword research will often point you in the wrong way. Base your strategy on data. Not gut feeling. Not guessing. Not opinions. Just data.

Complete three years worth of keyword research in minutes. Not days, not weeks. Minutes.

Less experienced team members will at last be able to execute high quality keyword research without fatal errors.

Now you can finally outsource keyword research and be focused on other SEO activities of high importance.

How ClusterAi Works
Build your keyword list
Use your favorite SEO tool to do keyword research. ClusterAi supports Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz and Google Search Console keyword lists.

Import your keyword list
Import up to 25,000 keywords into ClusterAi.

Crawl Search Engines
ClusterAi uses data from the search engines themselves to make keyword decisions by crawling and retrieving the top 10 websites ranking for each keyword .

Compare Keywords
ClusterAi matches every keyword against every other keyword and compares the number of pages that rank for both sets of keywords.

Cluster Keywords
When ClusterAi finds 3 or more pages that rank for a set of keywords, it’s likely you can also rank for this set of keywords with one page also.