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Impactful Analytics for Content Marketing Heroes
ImpactHero is an AI tool that breaks down your content by buyer journey stages, detects the most impactful copies and gives tips on improving your content strategy.
A Unique Content Analytics Tool
Armed with the results of multiple surveys, conducted among content marketing specialists, we have developed a tool designed specifically for content marketing teams and equipped with features adjusted to their needs and workflows.
Maximize Your Content Marketing Performance
Create content that attracts and converts
Identify marketing tactics and pieces of content that are particularly successful in terms of conversion, lead generation, and attracting new visitors.

Prove the efficiency of your content marketing strategy
Figure out what content performs best, assess your content funnel, and identify the areas for improvement by customer journey stages.

Get insights to develop and improve your strategy
Receive AI-driven recommendations on improving your content marketing funnel and make evidence-based decisions to drive your business results.

Make your team focus on the right things
The tool is designed for marketers and contains only the data they really need. Analyze data faster and a lot more easily.