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Keyword research made easy!
Find related keywords for any topic
Write more relevant content
Get better rankings in google

Keys4Up – Keyword Research Made Easy

The importance of related keywords in your content is today more important than ever.

Keywords in body (10x repetitions in whole page in google’s top 10)
Related terms are very important (semantic density / relevance of text)
Lists and bulleted lists (47% in top 10, avg max 13 bullets in a list)
Content readability (flesch readability) (76% in google’s top 10)
The use of related keywords in content are important
Natural incorporation of proof terms in content (78% in google’s top 10)
Natural incorporation of relevant terms in content (53% google’s in top 10)

We wanted Keys4Up to automate many of those processes. We wanted to automate as much as possible all this hard research for related keywords and topics.

Keys4Up does not help you doing “classical keyword research” (the one you do with Google Keyword Planner, Semrush and other similar tools).

With Keys4Up we automated the keyword research for copywriters, journalists and SEOs that need suggestions or semantically related terms for the topic they are writing about. Those words that will help write better more relevant content that ranks higher on search engines.

Here’s what you can do with Keys4Up:

Find relevant keywords for your content,
Easily export your data to CSV
Search again to refine results
Use keywords to write better content
Make your content more relevant for search engines.