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KeyworX is a powerful Amazon Organic Keyword Ranking Tool for online retailers. Suitable for small start-ups and global corporations alike, it is designed to help you save time and money on keyword research while building a profitable Amazon Business.
KeyworX describes itself as “The Future of Amazon Rank Tracking Software”, and it uses the most accurate and up-to-date keyword data to ensure a good ranking position on Amazon’s search engine. A modern suite of software that allows you to make data driving changes to your products, it is surprisingly easy to use, and it could see your profits soar.

Find Out What Really Ranks Products In Amazon Through Smart Organic Keyword-Based Product Tracking.
A powerful Amazon keyword rank checker that allows you to reverse engineer what marketing is working, and what is wasting you time and money!

Long term passively profitable Amazon businesses are based directly from high organic keyword rankings inside Amazon. If you do not know how to rank or do not SPECIFICALLY track your rankings t

hen you will not be able to build a long term profitable Amazon business.

Make Data Driven Changes To Your Amazon Products & Increase Profits 2,000% As A Result
We are here to measure, so you can manage efficiently & profitability. We even teach you how to do that to!

Organic Keyword Rankings Software

Organic keyword rankings are an essential KPI to track. Reverse engineering what marketing is working for this goal and what isn’t is the difference between a long lasting passively profitable Amazon business, and one that crawls to a halt when you stop PPC, stop giving away discounted products or active promotions.

Long term profits from Amazon come from ranking in the top results for your most relevant keywords.

The issue is the amount of misinformation about HOW to do this. People are talking WITHOUT testing what specifically works for them. The tool we’ve developed allows you to track automatically and reverse engineer what marketing & promotional techniques have worked for you because the SOLE GOAL for your Amazon products should be to increase organic rankings.

What We Do + Why You Need Keyworx?
We’re an Amazon Product Tracking Software that analyses any product’s organic rankings over time.

Why It’s Essential To Track Your Products
Organic keyword rankings are the single element that build automated, passive Amazon businesses.