Connect A/B testing, Analytics and Landing Pages into One Simple Spreadsheet
Safely and easily add a new landing page by adding a new row to Google Sheets
Step 1: Create Master Template Design
Using the Site Builder and our Master Templates, create the layout that will be shared across all of your pages.

Designing Landing Page Template

Step 2: Create Campaign Content
Include “Macros” (Phone, Agent Name, etc) within your content that will be powered by your data. Macros can also be used to have design elements (colors, images) change based on Agent data fields (i.e. Region)

Landing Page Design Elements

Step 3: Use Data to Auto-Publish Landing Pages
Publish 10s, 100s, or 1000s of Landing Pages via Spreadsheet data or via our JSON API

Landing Page Database
After Publishing the Campaign
Embedded Analytics
Track Everything on Per-Landing page Basis – Form Fills, Click to Call, Outbound Link Clicks

Robust SLAs
Enterprise-level infrastructure makes sure your Pages are up and responding to every visitor

Centralized Control
Master Template controls allow you to update all Pages in one place

Push new leads into 3rd Party CRMs or Inbound Marketing platforms

Reuse / Recycle
Re-use the Templates and your imported data fields to create the next campaigns

Automated SSL
Provision new SSL certificates for every new Landing Page automatically