Maximize customer lifetime value and reduce your cart abandonment rate

Rejoiner gives you all the email marketing software, tools, and hands-on consulting you need to increase conversion rates and crush your revenue goals.

Power your entire email channel with one solution
Centralized customer data
Combine purchase history, browsing behavior, marketing interactions, in-store, and catalog data to maintain a complete profile and score for every customer.

Flexible automated triggers
Built-in triggers deliver marketing to customers at the opportune moments throughout the customer lifecycle: Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, Price Drop, Post-Purchase, Birthday Sends and Win-Back.

Turn disorganized customer data into targeted segments
Browsing Behavior Purchase History Tags Email Engagement Recency & Frequency and more…

Multi-dimensional segmentation
Build dynamic customer segments, so you can size up potential audiences and send targeted emails in minutes.

Behavioral scoring
Automatically score each customer based on their purchasing and email engagement behavior.

Optimize your customer lifecycle to increase conversions at every stage
Visual workflows
Map every touchpoint of your customer journey using an intuitive visual workflow builder.

Map customer journeys
Tag, segment, branch, make true or false decisions and take action on every conversion opportunity.

Optimize engagement
Run A/B tests on individual email templates or entire branches of your workflow.

Verify incremental lift
Measure true revenue lift by testing your ideas against control groups.