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Growth specialist for app businesses

We are a bright team of mobile marketing experts with a passion for numbers. By combining radical transparency and a scientific approach, we fuel high-performing campaigns for the world’s leading apps.

Tailored approaches for every app

A successful mobile marketing campaign is achieved through close collaboration with a versatile partner. We offer a holistic, personalized approach, covering the initial set-up to periodical performance monitoring with a special focus on iRevenues.

Flexible integration
Expert strategy advice
Scalable bidding
Scientific measurement
Transparent reporting
Activate your user base

Research shows that only 6% of acquired users will still have the app installed after 30 days. A strong retargeting plan can help combat churn by providing an additional channel to re-engage with your users. When implemented strategically, retargeting boosts user loyalty, and ultimately, app revenue.

A holistic marketing strategy for your app

Effective performance marketing goes beyond user acquisition, and engages consumers at all stages of their experiences through a diversified mix of channels. Playing an essential role in a comprehensive marketing strategy, retargeting gives marketers the ability to reach their consumer base when they are on other apps.

Retargeting, step-by-step
The user path is not always followed in a linear order. Therefore, it is important to understand where your users are in their journey to address them in the most effective way. Scroll to get an idea of how retargeting brings the user back to your app.
Advanced personalization

When developing a retargeting strategy, you are able to personalize your campaigns to a much higher degree. By leveraging real-time audience segmentation, dynamic product ads, and variable bidding, you can engage with the members of your audience on an individual level.