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Keyword Research

Amazon internal data, top 20k-100k for each category, 3+ millions of keywords/month/marketplace, gives you real search queries, clicks and real sales for any keyword.
No matter if you use this tool to make auto suggestions for your product, or you want to do manual research of keywords, this tool is going to make it so easy and fast, you wished you had it long ago.
Easily find related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research.
Product Research

Amazon product research data, get the top 50,000+ in every category, 1,000,000+ top products for each marketplace, updated monthly.
This tool is amazing profit finder. Find potential products that you cannot find anywhere else. Filter your search results with rank, sales price, reviews and more filters.
At the same time, our system will search through hundreds of stores for best price for you, making Online Arbitrage as easy as it gets.
Stop digging manually. Find a sweet spot in just a few clicks and let this app be a game changer for you and your business.
Movers & Shakers(Amazon Internal Data)
1. It’s amazon market place data and you can get sales and revenue, and historical trends of every product.
2. The data is based on 4 weeks (28 days), for example, the units sold is from Jan.1 to Jan.28.
3. You can use the tool for marketing, product research, competitor analysis. We have strong estimation logics, very similar to real sales, like Jungle Scount.
4. Updated WEEKLY, support US,JP,CA,EU and UK