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All conversion rate optimization tools you need – in one powerful platform

A/B test
A/B test any change on your website in minutes and implement winner in seconds

Multivariate test
Multivariate testing lets you test complex combinations of variations and analyze the result with ease

All visitors are not the same. Personalize your website easily for some or all visitors with precision

Create heatmaps for some or all visitors in A/B tests or stand alone for pre-test research

Create and high converting A/B testable popups based on intelligent triggers in minutes

Get to know your visitors with customizable easy to create surveys with response overview

A/B test & personalize any part of your website with revolutionary ease
With our unique website editor that loads directly on your website you can easily change any part of your website for personalization, A/B testing or multivariate testing. Save hours or even days with the SiteGainer website editor!