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Maximize your traffic and increase your success in the online marketplace with the all-in-one online marketing suite

SEO & Social Monitoring made in Germany
XOVI: the road to success in online business
Keep an eye on your domain’s positioning
See a detailed breakdown of your current SEO rankings and identify your best- and worst- performing keywords. Discover potentially valuable new keywords and effectively boost your rankings.

Monitor the development of your keywords
Monitor your site’s progress over time to test and evaluate SEO strategies. Designate specific keywords and parameters. Control is the key to successful SEO/SEM

Structure and optimize your website’s implementation
Quickly detect all errors on your webpage which may negatively impact your visibility in search engines: duplicate content, defective links, too many H1 headings, SEO tips and much more.

Monitor and assess the build-up of backlinks for projects
Monitor and manage backlinks and create new link partnerships to increase your search engine rankings. Weekly updates allow you to monitor links and create customized reports for your clients.

Determine the overall risk of an analyzed domain and avoid Google penalties through regular analyses of your link profile.

Link Manager
Effectively manage your backlinks with the Link Manager tool. Monitor your and your competitors’ backlinks and add or remove links from the analysis.Search Analytics
Which keywords lead to more visitors, which landing pages are most popular? Link the XOVI suite to a web analysis tool of your choice and optimize your traffic.